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February 1, 2014

Checking In: That’s Him? No Way! (a James Spader Extravaganza)

The BlacklistRecently my husband and I were talking about a new series we watch on TV called The Blacklist. It’s one of those FBI agent teamed up with a criminal mastermind type shows.

However, the conversation wasn’t so much about the cases on the show, but rather the actors. Or mainly, I should say, the actor who plays the criminal mastermind. He’s fabulous, in my opinion. I love his character portrayal. That’s when my husband said, “James Spader is great. Always has been. You liked him in Stargate, too.”

My reaction went something like, “What? He was in Stargate? Are you serious?”

“He played Daniel, the professor,” replies my husband without missing a beat.

“That’s him? No way!” My mind then had to process the connection between the actor who played in Stargate as well as The Blacklist. Sure enough, if I focused on the face I could finally see it. Wow! Add to that James Spader played the cool, popular guy in Pretty in Pink and James Spader’s acting ability moved up a few more notches for me.

Whether you’re clued into the full scope of James Spader’s acting abilities, or were just as shocked and clueless as I was, here are a few of his past works available for check out. As for The Blacklist, you can learn more about it here. http://www.nbc.com/the-blacklist/

 Pretty in Pink    Stargate   Boston Legal

 Lincoln    The Pentagon Papers   Sex Lies and Videotape

I realize I might be the last person to make this connection but at the risk of seeming out of the loop I get to share some of Spader’s earlier works. It’s worth a little embarrassment.


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