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October 27, 2013

Off the Shelf: Night Film

Filed under: Books, Off the Shelf — LauraTorg @ 10:57 am

night film pesslHave you ever read fiction so real that it seems impossible the character don’t exist? Night Film by Marisha Pessl will have you fighting the impulse to check IMDB for the fictional director about whom the book revolves.

Scott McGrath is a journalist with an obsession. Years ago he attempted to profile reclusive cult horror filmmaker Stanislas Cordova. It cost him his marriage and his career. But despite having to drop the story, his stalled investigations hinted at something sinister. So when the director’s only daughter dies of a reported suicide, McGrath dives back in. This time he’s determined to learn the truth about the elusive Cordova and his daughter. He’s aided by two young strangers with connections to the deceased Ashley Cordova, and their own agendas. Together they head down the twisty rabbit hole that is Cordova’s world. Their investigation will leave you guessing til the last page.

The author intensifies the story in a truly unique way. Police reports, web pages, photos, and newspaper articles litter the text. The result is a layered and rich novel that feels more connected to the real world than your average novel. Despite the eerie (and possibly mystical) atmosphere, you’ll be twitching to google the people and places (and especially films) that appear. And most of the time, you’ll be hoping that you find nothing.

Enjoy! Laura T.

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