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September 27, 2013

Checking In: Chasing Fire, by Nora Roberts

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(Blogger’s Note: Greetings! I have a confession to make: I do not read romances. When I write blog posts for Fridays, they tend to lean more toward the bizarre and wonderful than the hot and steamy. So, it’s a good thing I don’t write the post myself every Friday, because this week, all the lover-lovers in the audience will finally get what you want: an excellent romance recommendation from one of my co-workers! -Eric)

 Place a hold!CHASING FIRE – NORA ROBERTS          

A “smoke jumper” is a highly trained breed of firefighter. He or she specializes in parachuting into dangerous, remote areas which happen to be on fire, in hopes of putting all that fire out and saving the day once and for all. Nora Roberts’ book Chasing Fire stars such a smoke jumper, and yowza is this a “hot” book! It’s the latest in a series of steamy romances by the author of somewhere around 400 million books. (Seriously, check out her place in the fiction section – including J.D. Robb, her edgier alter-ego. Piles of them!) In Chasing Fire, you’ll learn more about smoke jumping in Montana than you thought you could ever know, and get involved with two separate romances (one for the over-60 crowd), a couple of murders, and enough blood, sweat, and action to keep you up at night. A real page turner!

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