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September 24, 2013

Blurbs From the Branch: Bel Canto is Bellissimo

belcantoBel Cantoan older novel from State of Wonder author Ann Patchett, is a remarkable read that instantly captures your attention and doesn’t let go.  The story begins simply: a birthday party for a Japanese business man that includes a performance by his favorite opera singer.  As she reaches a high note the lights go out and everything changes.  Guerillas have taken the party over and won’t let them go until their demands are met.  What follows is a beautifully written account of what life is like while “on hold.”  Highly successful businessmen find joy playing chess or gardening, while the captors discover the luxuries of living in a fine house.  Both sides find the lines between their roles blurring and the relationships that come from this are quite surprising.  It’s an engaging read that stands the test of time and I highly recommend it!


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