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August 26, 2013

Off the Shelf: New comics and a Valiant comeback

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shadowmanOne of the big casualties of the comic book collapse in the 90s was Valiant comics.  They had a well integrated line of superhero comics that got caught up in the speculation craze of the 90s, which went a long way towards destroying their brand (along with some problematic business practices).  Now Valiant is back, with a brand reboot and minus a couple of their key characters, but the new books have captured a little of the magic that was once Valiant.  We’ve collected several of their new titles (and a few of the old ones).  Give them a shot, they’ve got some good writers working on these books.

X-O Man o war – What if a medieval barbarian were abducted by aliens, escaped their capture with a powerful suit of armor, returned to earth and found that hundreds of years had passed?  Explore the possibilities in X-O: Man o war.

Archer & Armstrong – A teen raised in a sheltered religious commune finds out he has been living a lie after meeting a charming, oafish immortal named Armstrong – a man he was raised to assassinate.

Shadowman – Jack Boniface must take on the moniker of Shadowman to fight the dark forces conspiring to take over New Orleans.

Harbinger – A teen with incredibly dangerous powers joins an international organization aimed at helping those with powers, but everything is not as it seems and Peter soon finds himself running from the Harbinger organization as well.

Bloodshot – The government turns a soldier into an assassin with access to all of the governments covert operations, but Bloodshot can no longer keep track of his true identity – and now he’s been captured.

Ninjak – Valiant takes the idea of James Bond and makes him a ninja.  Lots of fun.


Good Ridance by Cynthia Copeland – a nonfiction title detailing Copeland’s divorce.

Property by Rutu Modan – Mika accompanies her grandmother back to Warsaw, the place shed fled during World War 2 and encounters older family members and a possible romance.

Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt – A young reporter, hoping for her big break, tries to track down a mysteriously missing passenger from a flight where everyone aboard lost their memories. She gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon a globe-spanning  spy network  that seems capable of rewriting history and altering reality itself.

You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack by Tom Gauld – Guardian cartoonist Gauld has a incisive, humorous sensibility in this collection of his newspaper strips.

Double Fine Action Comics v. 1 by C. Scott – a doubly fine giggle fest that will have you laughing out loud and others wondering what your reading.


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