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August 16, 2013

Checking In: Vintage Cakes!

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Place a hold!Most all of us can recall a celebration or occasion where a fanciful layer cake was lovingly baked from scratch and presented for our tastebud appreciation.  Julie Richardson, owner of Baker & Spice Bakery of Portland, has gathered a collection of those wonderful cake recipes from our fondest memories and published them in her book, entitled Vintage Cakes. Upon buying her bakery in southwest Portland, Richardson stumbled upon a cache of old, sometimes handwritten, recipes for the cakes of those memories in a corner of the old bakery that had been there for 50 years. Richardson updated some of the recipes, added some of her own, and updated various ingredients that once seemed exotic but are now widely available.

Filling Vintage Cakes’ pages are timeless cake recipes and mouthwatering photographs for luscious layer cakes, cupcakes, flips, rolls, angel, bundt, chiffon and icebox cakes. Everyone should know how to make a “Texas Sheet Cake” – – it has a legacy of being a winner at potlucks, picnics and family reunions.  A nod to the 1970s, is the “Watergate Cake with Impeachment Frosting” which is a pistachio cake with pistachio frosting and become famous when Kraft introduced its pistachio pudding mix. Richardson’s updated version is full of flavors from scratch. 

So if you’re longing for “the good old days” when a slice of homemade cake for Sunday supper or a family birthday party made you smile, check out Vintage Cakes. Just make sure your pantry is stocked with ingredients, as you’ll most definitely find a recipe worth greasing up the cake pans!

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