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May 10, 2013

Checking In: Celebrity Reads

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Yeah yeah, so we may be bookish types through and through, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a little stardust now and then! Here are some suggestions from the circulation department on great books written by famous folks. Click on the book covers to go straight to our website and place a hold!

Cobain  Crystal  Curtis

Journals – Kurt Cobain: Compiled after his death, it is a deep look into one of America’s most iconic tortured rock stars.

I Already Know I Love You – Billy Crystal: A book for the little ones, written by Mr. Saturday Night!

Tony Curtis, the Autobiography – Tony Curtis: Gotta say – the title makes no mystery of who this one’s about.

Fey  Graham Hemingway

Bossypants – Tina Fey: Although this is, without a doubt, the creepiest book cover I have ever seen, Tina Fey can pull it off AND deliver a killer memoir to boot.

Someday, Someday Maybe – Lauren Graham: Not a biography, but a novel by prolific television actress Lauren Graham based on her experiences as an up-and-coming in New York.

Healthy Living From the Inside Out – Mariel Hemingway: Ms. Hemingway has gone down the opposite road of many film stars, actually being an example of how to be healthy, rather than an example of things to avoid. This book compiles much of her best information into one tidy package.

Kaling  lang lang book.jpeg  Strayed Tiny

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling: Kelly Kapoor talks about her early life and career. Her dry style, which you should know very well if you’ve watched The Office, is just as memorable here as it was on the show.

Journey of a Thousand Miles – Lang Lang: For the musicians and music lovers out there- one of the most talented and charismatic pianists in the world takes the time to tell his story.

Tiny Beautiful Things – Cheryl Strayed: Cheryl Strayed is a big hit around the library, and this book is no exception, compiling some of the best from her days as the anonymous columnist, “Sugar.”

Strayed Wild  White  Wilder

Wild – Cheryl Strayed: Told you we liked Cheryl Strayed! This book, far less anonymous than her work on Dear Sugar, was widely publicized and became a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards. Highly recommended.

If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t) – Betty White: Betty White, in my book, is in the top five funniest people of all time. She started funny, and as she’s grown older, has only used her age to fuller effect, becoming the epitome of the “innocent old lady” who ends up firing off a dirty joke before you realize what’s happened. A whole book written by her is truly a treasure.

Kiss Me Like a Stranger – Gene Wilder: This is my grand finale. Whereas Betty White is in my top ten, Gene Wilder is in my top three- not only on the list of funniest people of all time, but of “most remarkable people of all time”. This book is, to me, nothing less than breathtaking. Straight out of Gene Wilder’s marvelous head, it shows the ways – some of them extremely coincidental, others downright silly – that the man achieved his stature and legacy in cinema. In addition, it has many pages of his thoughts on the creative process, on art in general, and on his marriage to Gilda Radner, all thought-provoking and heartfelt.

Enjoy. See you next week!



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  2. Great suggestions. I am looking forward to Chery Strayed’s visit on June 26. That will be one of the most popular events for the WCCLS Adult Summer Reading Program.

    Comment by Peter — May 15, 2013 @ 10:08 am

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