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November 27, 2012

Blurbs From the Branch: Alone in the Wilderness

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One evening, while flipping through the TV channels, I stopped on a PBS show about a man who built his own cabin in Alaska and lived there for years. This slightly aged and grainy video from the 1970s showcased the endearing 50 year-old, Richard Proenneke , who had retired to live by a lake in the Alaska wilderness. The film Alone in the Wilderness documents him building his own cabin—which was very impressive! It looks like an amazing place to stay. The documentary also covers a year of his travels around the mountains and rivers near Richard’s home, with lovely coverage of the local wildlife. For a detailed account of his day to day journey, his journal, which provides words for the narration in the video and is a peaceful read in to his life,  One Man’s Wilderness : an Alaskan Odyssey is not to be missed. The equally entertaining sequel film is Alaska, Silence & Solitude which includes quite a bit of video shot by Richard. It features a trip in by plane from his brother whom stays with him for a while, and an airplane tour of the area. It’s nice to have another vantage point to see the land. This set of videos and journal are perfect for all of us who which we had our own plot of land to farm and anyone who wants inspiration for after they retire.


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