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August 21, 2014

Kid’s Corner: Read Aloud Science Books

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Readaloud Science

I like to incorporate some non-fiction books, science in particular, into my family’s nightly reading routine. Not all science books read the same, however. I’m pleased when I find titles that are easy to read aloud, yet still contain good solid information. Here’s a list of informative and interesting read-aloud science books to share with your children, written for ages 4 and up.  -Teresa




Balloon Trees by Danna Smith

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray

Beetles (also Centipedes, Spiders and others) “Creepy Critters” series

Things That Float and Things That Don’t by David A. Adler

You Can’t Ride a Bicycle to the Moon by Harriet Ziefert

Body Actions by Shelley Rotner

No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart

August 20, 2014

Inside Scoop: Animal Fats – It’s What Should Be For Dinner

What I love about my job as a Cataloger is the opportunity to stumble across new information that makes me rethink the accepted truths about a topic.big fat lie

The Big Fat Surprise: why butter, meat & cheese belong in a healthy diet, by investigative journalist Nina Teicholz, is the result of nine years spent reading thousands of scientific research papers and interviewing pretty much every living nutrition expert in the United States. In this 337 page book, with 60 pages of extensive notes and 46 pages of bibliographic evidence, Teicholz concludes:

“Eat butter: drink milk whole, and feed it to the whole family. Stock up on creamy cheeses, offal, and sausage and yes, bacon. None of these foods have been demonstrated to cause obesity, diabetes or heart disease… What I found, incredibly, was not only that it was a mistake to restrict fat but also that our fear of the saturated fats in animal foods – butter, eggs, and meat – has never been based in solid science.”

Her book doesn’t expose some dark plot to kill off Americans, but the exact opposite – it describes well-meaning individuals at our most trusted institutions working toward what they believed to be the public good, but getting it terribly wrong thru faulty science. She explains how these experts, using highly fallible nutrition science studies, produced sketchy data that was nevertheless used as proof of a theory that became accepted as truth.

At the time she began her investigation Teicholz was (in her own words) “a faithful follower of the low-fat, near-vegetarian diet” and she admits that “…these conclusions seem counterintuitive. They were counterintuitive to me when I started the research for this book. And the implications seem almost impossible to believe, even though they are supported by the best available science: that a beet salad with fruit smoothie for lunch is ultimately less healthy for your waistline and your heart than a plate of eggs fried in butter.”

“Our fear of saturated fats is therefore unsubstantiated. This fear may have seemed reasonable once but persists now only because it fits the preconceptions of researchers, clinicians and public health authorities; it conforms to their prejudices… Recent scientific research and the historical record all lead to the conclusion that the consumption of refined carbohydrates lead to high risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Sugar, white flour, and other refined carbohydrates are almost certainly the main drivers of these diseases.

Now in 2014, a growing number of experts has begun to acknowledge the reality that making a low-fat diet the centerpiece of nutritional advice for six decades has very likely been a bad idea. Even so, the official solution continues to be more of the same.”

Others who also support an animal fat-centric diet stress the importance of consuming grass-fed animals over grain-fed animals because of the better Omega 3 / Omega 6 fatty acid ratios. That aside, this book despite being dense with data, is very readable and a great place to start your own inquiry on this topic.   — Erin

(Quotes taken from the Conclusion of the book)

August 19, 2014

Blurbs From the Branch: Creepy Icelandic Ghost Story

irememberyouIcelandic author Yrsa Sigurdardottir has hit a home run with her creepy ghost novel I Remember You. The book alternates chapters between two different stories, which come together in the end. In one story, three people travel to a completely deserted town, only accessible by boat, in order to renovate a house they have just bought and wish to turn into a bed and breakfast. The house has a bad reputation and soon creepy things start happening, including the unexplained presence of a young boy who won’t talk to any of them. In the other story, a psychologist is asked to look into the suicide of an old woman who turns out to have been obsessed with the psychologist’s son who disappeared a few years earlier. This book seriously gave me the heebie jeebies and I loved it! It’s great for anyone who loves a good ghost story, or just loves to be scared in general. Since all of the town and character names are Icelandic, I found a pronunciation guide online to make sure I was saying their names correctly. My favorite is the town Isafjordur. This book is a must read!!


August 18, 2014

Off the Shelf: Featured Creatures

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vet talesFriends of the feathered, furry, or flippered will find plenty of titles to choose from at the Cedar Mill branch. Two displays throw the spotlight on some of the fantastically beastly books and movies we have.

Tales With Tails” features true stories about unique animals, and the people who love them. Prefer your reading in ebook, book-on-cd, or large print format? Click on the link, and then use the list on the left to limit your results by “type of material.”

We also have plenty of spider-starring and camel cameo-ing movies for those who prefer their entertainment with a side of popcorn. “Creature Features” has something for everyone. Looking for a movie about a telepathic car tire who develops a fondness for exploding crows with his mind? Yup, we have that. (And it’s a personal favorite!)

Browse from home with the links above, or stop by to peruse in person. Whether you like your creatures cute and cuddly or scaly and sinister, you’re sure to ferret out a title or two that are just right!
Laura T.

August 15, 2014

Checking In: Sweet Summer Films

Picture this: it’s midsummer. It’s positively boiling outdoors. The sidewalk is melting into puddles and it’s not fit for person nor beast. Your brain is telling you it’s only going to be working at half capacity for the foreseeable future. Cognition has left town with a note saying “BACK IN THE FALL.” Ice cream is cooling your body, but what will cool your brain? You need sweet and adorable movies brimming with wit and verve, that’s what!

Let’s get things started with two of the best screwball comedies ever made – both coincidentally starring Cary Grant.

Place a holdHis Girl Friday – this tale of an ex-marriage, political corruption and Rosalind Russell clocks in at an insane words-per-minute ratio and is coincidentally one of the funniest films of all time. Will Rosalind Russell’s Hildy marry Ralph Bellamy’s milquetoast Bruce or get drawn back into the high-pressure newspaper game by Grant’s silver-tongued Walter?

Place a holdBringing Up Baby – Katharine Hepburn has set her sights on Grant’s nerdy paleontologist, who just wants to track down his missing intercostal clavicle, come high water or a leopard named Baby. Farce, romance and slapstick collide at speeds unhealthy for anyone who isn’t a lead in a screwball comedy, which fortunately lets Hepburn and Grant zip at speeds only bested by His Girl Friday.

Place a holdThe Importance of Being Earnest (1952) – Come for Anthony Asquith’s zippy adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play, stay for the handbag. Played with deadpan zest by Michael Redgrave, John Worthing has a problem. He’s been living a dual life as a cheerful rake named Ernest, but his two lives collide when he comes to ask for his love Gwendolyn’s hand in marriage. And then there’s the delicate matter of his upbringing…

“A handbag?!?!?

Place a holdMuch Ado about Nothing – Shakespeare’s classic tale of two people who are totally perfect for each other who don’t realize they are perfect for each other has two lovely modern adaptations: Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson as leads Beatrice and Benedick in the 90s and Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof in Joss Whedon’s 21st century version. Both are breezy and brilliant.

Place a holdAmelieLe Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain is an adorable French take on Emma. In between flights of fancy, Audrey Tautou’s quiet Parisian arranges happy endings for the people around her while neglecting her own, until her soul mate wanders into her sights and she has to decide if she can break down her own defenses.

Place a holdCold Comfort FarmThere’s something “narsty in the woodshed” in this Channel Four adaptation of Stella Gibbons’ 1932 novel.  Aspiring writer Flora Poste travels to the country to improve the lives of her relatives through sheer force of will. Kate Beckinsale’s Flora is a whirlwind of “modern ideas” who somehow knows exactly what each of her troubled relatives needs and delivers with a spring in her step and an awful bit of poetry from her notebook.

August 14, 2014

Kid’s Corner: Rugged Survival Books for Middle Schoolers

Bestofbookshelf It seems as though there are survival shows and competitions everywhere these days. Maybe it’s because I’m addicted to watching them on tv that I’m also drawn to books about survival. Two of my favorite survival stories are Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World by Jennifer Armstrong and Ice Story: Shackleton’s Lost Expedition by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (Grades 4 and up). Both are suspenseful and dramatic accounts of Ernest Shackleton‘s voyage to cross Antarctica and what happened when the entire ship and crew were trapped in ice. None of them should have survived, but they did- they ALL did- thanks to Shackleton’s amazing leadership and strength.

You may never be trapped in ice or faced with a rugged survival situation, but the library has materials to help you prepare, just in case.  One noteworthy title about a more recent survival situation is Trapped: how the world rescued 33 miners from 2,000 feet below the Chilean desert by Marc Aronson (Grade 4 and up).  -Teresa

Check out these other guides from our nonfiction collection:

howtosurvive  How to Survive Anything by Rachel Buchholz (National Geographic, 2011)

survivorkid Survivor Kid: a practical guide to wilderness survival by Denise Long (Chicago Review Press, 2011)

worldexplorer  How to Be a World Explorer: your all-terrain training manual by Joel Levy (Lonely Planet, 2012)

survivealiveemergency “Survive Alive” series by Neil Champion (Amicus, 2011) Grades 3-7

August 13, 2014

What I’m Reading Now: Even Better – 10 Years Later

mutantMutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan is a novelized account of a woman who met and walked with an Aboriginal tribe in the Australian Outback, learning their ways of being and experiencing the world they live in. The book’s veracity has been heatedly challenged. Despite this, and whether one believes it is true or not, the book is a fascinating, can’t-put- it-down read. It leaves one with an appreciation for all living things. It rings out with wisdom and authenticity. Health, relationships, accepting difficult situations, and recognizing the beauty and music of the earth are all here. There are freshly–told truths, interwoven within the pages, that may be life-changing. — Pam

August 12, 2014

Blurbs From the Branch: Another Spoon-ful of Delicious Rock & Roll!

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spoon-they_want_my_soul-608x608Not only is Spoon one of my favorite band names, it’s also one of my longtime favorite bands.  I’ve been following them since 2001, when they were still a little-known indie band on the brink of commercial success (and by commercial success, I mean they got famous and their music was featured in commercials).  With every release, lead singer-songwriter Britt Daniel keeps fans guessing lyrically and musically, and his band’s latest album, They Want My Soul, is no exception.  Their recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live gives a nice preview of what promises to be a fantastic headlining performance at Musicfest NW next weekend.  If you haven’t heard some of Spoon’s older material, consider checking out Transference (2010), Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga  (2007), Gimme Fiction (2005), and Girls Can Tell (2001) for a chance to hear how a great band can adapt while remaining relevant and innovative in this truly unpredictable music business era.


August 11, 2014

Off the Shelf: Audio books read by celebrities

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I am always on the search for the next great audio book.  In my quest, I have found that the popularity of audio books have attracted actors to get on board to read aloud for out listening pleasures.  My most recent discovery was Matilda (Roald  Dahl) read by Kate Winslet.  The Reader (ha!) actress is a phenomenal elocutionist.  You can most certainly count on an Oscar-winner to bring a book to life.   Johnny Depp is the reader of Keith Richard’s autobiography, Life.  The resemblance of Captain Sparrow and the aging Rolling Stones guitarist makes the voice more compelling.  Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is read by Claire Danes, which is also an interesting match.






August 9, 2014

Kid’s Corner: Back-To-School Books

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Cedar Mill Newsletter for August 8, 2014

The end of summer vacation is near, which means it’s almost back-to-school time. Ease your child’s transition from summer to school with these great picture books!

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School
Parish, HermanIllustrator Avril, Lynne2009-06 – Greenwillow Books9780061544552
Check Our Catalog Since 1963, Amelia Bedelia, the housekeeper for the Rogers family, has been entertaining generations of readers. Now, for the first time, she stars in her own full-size picture book as a little girl on her first day of school. Full color. …More
Dinosaur vs. School Dinosaur vs. School
Shea, BobIllustrator Shea, Bob2014-06 – Disney Press9781423160878
Check Our Catalog Dinosaur is starting preschool today. ROAR There are new friends to meet, dress-up outfits to wear, glitter and googly eyes to paste, musical instruments to play, and snacks to eat. What’s not to like? But then, oh, no It’s Dinosaur vs. Clean-up Time Fortunately, when friends work together, EVERYONE WINS With all the bright colors, bold lines, and toddler-like exuberance that have …More
Foxy Foxy
Dodd, Emma2012-06 – HarperCollins Publishers9780062014191
Check Our Catalog Emily is starting school tomorrow, and she’s worried that she won’t have everything she needs. Luckily, Foxy comes to her rescue! Foxy is a fox with a magical talent: anything he needs, he can produce instantly from his tail. Unfortunately, sometimes he gets things a little mixed up! Full color. …More
The Invisible Boy The Invisible Boy
Ludwig, TrudyIllustrator Barton, Patrice2013-10 – Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers9781582464503
Check Our Catalog Awards:Black-Eyed Susan Award (2015), Kentucky Bluegrass Award (2015), Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award (2015)Brian has always felt invisible at school, but when a new student, Justin, arrives, everything changes. From esteemed author and speaker Ludwig and acclaimed illustrator Barton, this gentle story shows how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish. Full color. …More
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School? Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School?
Martin, Bill, Jr.Author Sampson, MichaelIllustrator Bryant, Laura J.2013-08 – Amazon Childrens Publishing9781477817223
Check Our Catalog On the first day of school, Kitty Cat discovers that there are lots of things to enjoy. She plays, she enjoys a snack, she paints, she sings, she listens to a story, and she shares something special during Show-and-Tell. The day ends with a big hug from her mom. Children will love Laura J. Bryant’s appealing illustrations that bring Kitty Cat to life, along with the other adorable kittens at …More
Little Lola Little Lola
Saab, JulieIllustrator Gothard, David2014-04 – Greenwillow Books9780062274571
Check Our Catalog Hello, Little Lola Lola is curious about everything . . . especially school. What is school like? Find out when Lola the cat heads to school herself and gets a paw (or two) into just about everything. Lively, funny, irresistible, and mischievous, Lola will appeal to fans of Olivia and Peppa Pig.When an apple hits Lola the cat on the head and wakes her up, she knows it is going…More
Mom, It's My First Day of Kindergarten! Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten!
Yum, Hyewon2012-07 – Farrar Straus Giroux9780374350048
Check Our Catalog Awards:Alabama Camellia Award (2014), Ezra Jack Keats Book Award (2013)It’s a child’s first day of kindergarten, but who is worried about all the new people and the different things he’ll meet–the child? No! The mother. In a refreshing reversal of roles, the child takes it upon himself to comfort and reassure his mother that everything will be fine. …More
Monstergarten Monstergarten
Mahoney, Daniel J.Illustrator Kaminsky, Jef2013-07 – Feiwel & Friends9781250014412
Check Our Catalog Patrick is worried about his first day of monstergarten. Everyone has to be “scary” in monstergarten. Patrick’s friend, Kevin, offers to show Patrick how to be scaryNthey roar, they sneak up on people, they bare their teeth. But Patrick still isn’t ready. His parents tell him to just be himself. But what if he’s not scary “enough?” Full color. …More
Monsters Love School Monsters Love School
Austin, MikeIllustrator Austin, Mike2014-06 – HarperCollins Publishers9780062286185
Check Our Catalog Summer is over, and now it’s time for the biggest adventure of all – Monster School Join these hilarious, energetic monsters as they go to school for the first time in author-illustrator Mike Austin’s picture-book sequel to ‘Monsters Love Colors’. Reading and writing and learning your monster history has never been so much fun …More
My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.) My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.)
Brown, Peter2014-07 – Little, Brown Books for Young Readers9780316070294
Check Our Catalog A young boy named Bobby has the worst teacher. She’s loud, she yells, and if you throw paper airplanes, she won’t allow you to enjoy recess. She is a monster Luckily, Bobby can go to his favorite spot in the park on weekends to play. Until one day… he finds his teacher there Over the course of one day, Bobby learns that monsters are not always what they seem.Each page is …More
Noni Is Nervous Noni Is Nervous
Hartt-Sussman, HeatherIllustrator Cote, Genevieve2013-07 – Tundra Books (NY)9781770493230
Check Our Catalog A unique hardcover picture book for two to five year olds, this is the story of a lovely little girl who is nervous about many things. Noni finds a way to control her nerves and work through her anxiety, making life much more bearable for everyone! …More
Oliver and His Alligator Oliver and His Alligator
Schmid, PaulIllustrator Schmid, Paul2013-06 – Disney Press9781423174370
Check Our Catalog Oliver is nervous about the first day of school, so he picks up an alligator at the swamp, just in case. And boy, does it come in handy! Whenever anything scares Oliver, the alligator makes the problem go away. Quickly, school becomes much simpler . . . and a little lonely. Full color. …More
Otto Goes to School Otto Goes to School
Parr, Todd2013-07 – LB Kids9780316229319
Check Our Catalog The first day of school is both scary and exciting for Otto. At first, he is very nervous, but then he realizes how much fun school can be. Parr’s bold illustrations and simple text are the perfect fit for children just starting their reading journey. Full color. …More
Planet Kindergarten Planet Kindergarten
Ganz-Schmitt, SueIllustrator Prigmore, Shane2014-05 – Chronicle Books (CA)9781452118932
Check Our Catalog This clever picture book will prepare young explorers to boldly go where they have never gone before: Planet Kindergarten. Suit up for a daring adventure as our hero navigates the unknown reaches and alien inhabitants of this strange new world. Hilarious and confidence-boosting, this exciting story will have new kindergarteners ready for liftoff …More
You're Wearing That to School?! You’re Wearing That to School?!
Plourde, LynnIllustrator Cornelison, Sue2013-06 – Disney Press9781423155102
Check Our Catalog Penelope is so excited about the first day of school that she’s doing her happy hippo dance. She can’t wait to wear her rainbow sparkle outfit. “Oh, no, no!” says her best pal Tiny, who started school last year. He has a few tips for Penelope about fitting in without sticking out. Full color. …More
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